MS dropping 20GB for 60GB

TrustedReviews is now reporting that the 20GB hard drive in the standard Xbox 360 model is about to get the boot in favor of a more spacious 60GB one. That apparently comes from a “rock solid source,” who says that they (Microsoft)want  it out the door by the end of its financial year, which comes at the end of June.

Also they go into a bit of speculation, saying that Microsoft is going to make” a model with a built-in Blu-ray drive would seem to be “the most logical conclusion,” although they say an external drive “makes sense too.” While that possibility obviously remains up in the air, TrustedReviews is about as confident as can be with the 60GB Xbox 360 news, saying that you can take it to the bank.

Look out people here comes the XBOX 720!



Engadget reports that new 120GB or 160GB model of the PS3 with DualShock 3 controller will be replacing the 80Gig version. According to an “inside source” — which Ars claims has been consistently right on video game-related predictions — the console-maker’s new plot is starting to take shape, holding fast to a two-SKU approach on packages, upping the hard drive capacity on systems. Spider-Man 3-inclusive system will disappear, only to be replaced with a 120GB or 160GB configuration. Hey! these are just rumors! ( I hope they come true!)

OMG! HD-DVD has more features

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It seems HD DVD supports more features than Blu-Ray

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Apple TV take 2

HD rentals are $4.99. 100 titles today

12:47:16 – Synchs with iTunes
12:46:51 – podcasts – audio and video – and photos from flickr and .Mac

12:46:20 – Completely computer free. do it all from Apple TV

Here’s what you can do with Apple TV: rent movies directly on widescreen TV with Apple TV. Rent them in DVD quality, rent them in HD with 5.1″ HUGE applause! Screaming.

9:44am – “I’d like to say all of us have tried. We have, MSFT, Amazon, TiVo, VuDu, Netflix, Blockbuster — we’ve all tried to figure out how to get movies over the net onto the TV. We’ve ALL missed. No one’s succeeded yet. We tried with Apple TV — it was designed to be an accessory for iTunes and your computer. But that’s not what people wanted.”

“We learned what people wanted was about movies. Movies. Movies. We weren’t delivering that — we’re back with Apple TV Take 2 — It still syncs to your computer, but no computer is required

9:43am – “It launches today! Free software update for iTunes, iPods, iPhones to support rentals. Rolling it out in the US today, we’re dying to get this out internationally. But what about this? What about the flat screen TV? I’d like to watch the movies there too.”

9:42am – “Here’s how it works — I’m on iTunes, looking at a movie I want to rent, I hit rent movie, and it adds to my rented movies category in my iTunes library….” Sorry for the technical difficulties everyone! We’re at 10x the traffic of our last keynote, but things are coming back online.

9:41am – “Watch instantly! In less than 30s…” it streams. “The rules — you have 30 days to start watching it, and once you start you have 24 hours to watch and finish it. As many times as you want. You can transfer films to another device in the middle — transfer to your iPod and watch the rest on the iPod on your flight.”

HD DVD Fights back!

Amazon has a High Def offer with movies for as low as $14.99!   Get them while you can! (unless you have blu-ray… or don’t have anything….)

This is after Warner went Blu-Ray exclusive.

Is this a good move? Or is it just a waste of time? Drop in a comment!

From Engadget:

The HD-A3 MSRP has dropped to $149.99, the 1080p-capable HD-A30 to $199.99, and the top of the line HD-A35 to $299.99. Combined with an extended “perfect offer” of 5 free HD DVDs with every purchase, Toshiba’s HD DVD Concierge service, and a sudden 50% off sale on Amazon, it seems this format will not go quietly into the dark. Fire sale to clear suddenly obsolete inventory or real chance to hang onto its remaining supporters? This could be the best — or worst — time to pick a side in the HD war.

Press release after the break:

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Microsoft following Warner?

  —–> ?

With the announcement of Warner Bros going Blu-Ray and murmurings of Paramount going the same way, Microsoft has revealed that should the tide turn towards Sony’s technology it would consider supporting the Blu-ray with the Xbox 360. (Duh!)

Microsoft has previously aligned themselves to Toshiba’s technology, offering an HD-DVD add-on for the Xbox 360. So this means its R.I.P for the built-in HD DVD drive?

More and More blows to the HD DVD side….. Could this be the final call?


CES 2008 | Toshiba | HD DVD not making appearence

Engadget received an e-mail Check it out

Toshiba, masters of the HD DVD format, just issued a press release expressing their “particular disappointment” with Warner, also implying that the move to go Blu-ray exclusive is actually in breach of contract.