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Mac to the Future – OC’s Mobile Learning goes Apple

White MacbookIn 2001, Oklahoma Christian launched a mobile computing initiative. This campus-wide 1-to-1 mobile computing program was the first in the state of Oklahoma and one of very few throughout the nation. Over the last six years, this program has helped to ensure that students have the technology necessary to combine digital fluency with the strengths of a liberal arts education.

Today, Oklahoma Christian University continues to look toward the future and the role of technology in teaching and learning. Understanding the technology needs and expectations of students and faculty continues to be the key to the success of this mobile learning initiative.

This summer, all faculty and all new students attending New Student Orientations will be issued a new Apple MacBook. Current students also will be given the opportunity to trade in their PC laptop for an Apple MacBook. This MacBook mobile learning initiative and the reliable campus-wide wireless infrastructure will allow OC to continue to provide opportunities for anytime, anywhere access to media-rich distributed course content.

IPhoneIn addition to the MacBook, the University will be able to offer students an option of either an Apple iPhone or iPod touch. The University is providing this option with the understanding that some students will not want to activate the iPhone with the associated service contract and costs, while others will prefer the iPhone and the added capabilities. The student will be responsible for the activation of the iPhone with the service provider.

The vision of incorporating instructional technology tools into teaching and learning is critical to our future success and the success of our graduates. We are excited about this new phase of mobile learning at Oklahoma Christian University and will continue to search for ways to enhance teaching and learning.

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BBC iPlayer for iPhone and Touch

TUAW is reporting that the BBC iPlayer is coming to the Touch’s in a matter of weeks! This would be very interesting because this would be the first ever 3rd Party (official) app on the iPhone+iPod Touch.

iPod Shuffle 49$ 2GB for 69$

According to an e-mail from Apple the iPod Shuffle is now 49$. And the Shuffle 2GB is on its way for only 69$.

Check out the Apple Site for more.

Another quiet rollout from Apple.

32GB iPod Touch

Just got a mail from Apple saying that the iPod Touch has been released in 32 GB! This is great news. I might just go out and buy one! It wont be before long when the 32GB iPhone comes out

iPod is safe

Via [Reuters]

Portable media players such as iPods are unlikely to interfere with heart pacemakers, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration researcher reported on Thursday.

His tests of a variety of iPods showed they did not produce enough of an electromagnetic field to interfere with the devices.

FDA researcher Howard Bassen and colleagues set up a complex experiment using a saline-filled bag to simulate the human body and a coil sensor designed to pick up electromagnetic emissions.

The FDA researchers did not examine any portable music devices other than iPods, which are made by Apple Inc…. Explain “other” please…. Oh ya the iPhone etc.

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iPod classic Firmware update is destroying headphones!

Via [TheStreet]

According to iLounge.com, users are complaining that iPod Classics whose firmware has recently been upgraded to Version 1.1 are sending residual electrical pulses through the headphone jack — as well as the iPod docking connection (on the bottom of every music player) — when the iPods are turned off. Those pulses, measured at 500mv of DC, could conceivably cause damage to any attached equipment.

Stereophile.com is reporting that most users of iPod Classics on both headfi.com (a Web site for a super-high-end headphone amplifier manufacturer) and Apple users forums reported only that they had experienced “hiss,” “static” or “buzzing” after updating the player’s firmware.

A few users reported the upgrade either froze their iPods (Apple replaced their iPods) or the upgrade removed their stored music files.

As always Jobs has no comment on this topic… Whats wrong with you Jobs? People need to listen to music!

The only thing that you could do is “restore” your iPod Classic to its factory state and use it. Which would make Coverflow and interface work super slow(if you bought it near the launch without any updates). Remember I do not own one so I do not know if this would be good enough

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more and more!

iTunes movie rentals launches today, and it’s a free software update for iTunes. Free update for iPods and iPhones in order to support this. Support for the US comes today, but international support comes later this year.