PS3 Lite

Sony PS3 Lite from

Trawling the CES show last month, we happened across a rather juicy piece of gadget gossip.

According to a particularly well-informed insider, it seems that the Big S is prepping an all new PlayStation 3. The new incarnation is supposedly slimmer, lighter weight, and sexy as hell.

It’s not as if Sony haven’t got a history of making things slimmer and, er, lighter: The PSP shed a lot of its weight last summer, the original PlayStation ended up as the minuscule PSOne, and the PlayStation 2 re-incarnated as the PSTwo, which was an all-round sexier piece of kit to boot. Roll on PSThree?

Looking like the Wii right?> 


2 Responses to “PS3 Lite”

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  2. Ismail Says:

    finally sumthin slimmer.when is it getting released
    and in how many gb models

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