Meizu closed for MP3 issues

Yeah, reports Engadget.

Here’s a QuickStract:

in a Meizu forum post, Jack Wong says that an Italian company called Sisvel complained about another Meizu PMP’s unlicensed use of the MP3 codec, and that’s what prompted the 5-0 to arrive. Interestingly, Jack also says that it’s all a big misunderstanding, because Meizu products, including the M8, don’t actually play MP3s, just WMA, and that local distributors have to cough up the licensing fees for MP3 playback. Apparently the booth is now open again, with the offending PMP removed — the M8 remains on display, probably because it doesn’t actually work yet.


Swiss iPhone with 3 icons?

Could this be true?

Yeah this is a photo of a Swiss ad for the iPhone which is rumored to be released on 4th April. What bugs me is the screen. It looks like these rumours:

Yep, it looks like the iPhone Nano. This has to be fake unless this is the trimmed down version of the iPhone (which is probably untrue).

iPhone nano?!!

Stick around to get future updates as they emerge.

Meizu copies iPhone and gets shut down

The M8 is being demonstrated at CeBIT no more.

Engadget had a chance to get their hands on it before the German authorities shut the booth down on the grounds of something undisclosed but guessed iPhone. Damn right. The Meizu’s M8 mini one OS strongly represents the iPhone.

“The venue is closed until further notice” is all you will see there for now.

So here are the final specs and features now expected at launch:

  • quad-band GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
  • 802.11b/g WiFi
  • 3.4-inch 720 x 480 capacitive touch LTPS TFT-LCD
  • 3 megapixel autofocus camera
  • 667MHz ARM11 processor
  • WinCE 6.0 based Meizu OS
  • H/W encoder/decoder
  • 107 x 59 x 11.9-mm
  • 8GB of 16GB of flash NAND
  • TV-out
  • phone, music, video, camera, internet browser
  • automatic backlight and display orientation adjustment

Some videos after the break:

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BriefTech: Nokia N96

Nokia N96 Video on BriefTech.

Sorry about it I sound a little Wierd.

I want to update the Video Center… But I am focusing on the content more than the browsing of videos.

The updated Video-Center will not use the long browsing methods now. It will feature 2 iFrames with video on one side and selections on the other.  If the Video-Center gets enough popularity, this project will go on.

Enjoy the video all!

Nokia+Microsoft? Whats next?!?!?!?

Engadget Reports:

According to Microsoft’s mobile communications business international marketing director (phew) John Starkweather, Redmond is in talks with the folks from Finland about getting Windows Mobile onto Nokia handsets. “They obviously have significant investments in Symbian but there are a lot of places where we have significant synergies and we would love to see the day where those synergies would extend completely with Windows Mobile,” said Starkweather, though he couldn’t say when or if any agreement will be met. “We work closely with Nokia and we would love to have them go all the way,” Starkweather said. “It’s something we talk about all the time.”

SkyFire, Mobile Browser with Flash.

Skype for PSP postponed?


The plans have been disturbed…


Sony’s microphone/speaker units failed to meet Skype certification standards.