Apple TV take 2 released…

Yep the Apple TV take 2 was released….

When I wasn’t here….

Hope to be up and posting by Wednesday. I have some free time on my hands so I am posting….


Apple TV Patent


Below is a round up:

Apple says such widgets could be displayed or become available based on the content currently displayed in the Apple TV user interface. If the content is broadcasted, such as live television, then a widget could potentially be downloaded as part of the broadcast signal from a cable head-end, or provided through a separate communication such as an Internet connection, and then displayed over the content.
Elaborating further on its Apple TV iChat concept, Apple said widget interface could also include is a list of individuals currently online, as well as other controls, such as links to web sites and other resources that include information that may be of interest to the participants.

Skype for Apple TV Now released!

Apple TV Skype


Skype for Apple TV.

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New pricing as well. It’s $299 now, but they’re kicking it down to $229 starting today. They’re shipping the free software update to existing owners and new units in just 2 weeks. (Polite applause follows.)

No new Apple TV box:-) (no rip off this time)

Apple TV: The new software will be available via free software upgrade, which means you don’t need to purchase a new box. Nice!

Doesn’t it have coverflow?!?!?!?!??

I’m waiting for a coverflow announcement(one more thing)

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9:59 am ON Jan 15 2008

Jason Chen:

Flickr: You can view a friend’s pictures, or even their friends’ photos. Of course, this is all set to music from your own iTunes library. Uh oh, tech demo problem alert! No photos, just music. The screen is blank (because of flickr).