Zune games look better than the DS

Yep. I found this:

Our DS’s(DS’es) are meant to play games. The Zune is meant to play music. Then why is the Zune’s games looking better than ours?

Why are these so nice looking? Ok lets push that to a side and look at the iPhone/iPod Touch. Why does it have no games? There should be games when the 3rd party apps come out but no. Surprisingly Apple have not included any game right?

At GDC 2008, Microsoft announced plans on enabling a community publishing pipeline for the Xbox 360 and Zune. Before this XNA wasn’t too popular. Ok so the Zune brand was launched as a mobile entertainment platform rather than a strictly audio platform and will continue to evolve and expand. But still! The DS should have better capabilities than the Zune!

Microsoft confirms Zune will play games by July 2008.

The Zune’s touchpad will hopefully make for a decent controller. Graphically, Zauri, the only game demoed via video, was simple in nature, but the addition of music library support could make for interesting shooter gameplay.


Games for Zune!

  • For starters, first-gen Zunes don’t appear to be ruled out by any means, but it’s going to be dependent on the game controls. Zauri, the sample space shooter game demoed today, uses the Zunepad, thus wouldn’t work (as well) on a Zune 30. Nothing has been decided as to whether games will universally require 2nd-gen Zunes, though.
  • Use of the Zunepad in Zauri was as a trackpad and omnidirectional — it wasn’t just up / down / left / right, as in the menus.
  • Right now the system partitions a mere 16MB for storing games, although this might change.
  • Right now there isn’t a professional-grade SDK to announce; all titles should initially be done up in XNA Studio.
  • Means of distribution (i.e. games loaded through an installer, through the Zune desktop app, or through Zune Marketplace?) has not yet been decided.
  • The first beta development tools will be out this Spring.
  • There are no plans for Zune game sharing (yet), so to play with a friend wirelessly you both must have the game on your Zune.

Those were a few details from Engadget.

A good addition to the Zune.

Zune damaging ears?

In follow up to the Classic destroying Ear Phones, Joel Geddis -a first gen Zune user- got a shock from his Zune device:

In November of 2006, I received an electric shock through the earbuds of my Microsoft Zune. Simultaneously, the Zune software reset and emitted a very loud noise through the earbuds.

Since the incident, I’ve suffered blood and fluid leakage from my ear canal, impaired hearing, and incessant ringing and discomfort.

I’ve been treated with vitamins, steroids, pain killers, sleep aids, anti-depressants, and other medications. All, to no avail.

The Microsoft response:

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Zune 8 20$ price drop

Via Bink.nu

Effective February 1, 2008, the 8GB Zune Digital Media Player gets a $20 Price Drop. Now customers can get all the great features of the 8GB Zune for just $179.99! But, for just $30 more than the 4GB Zune, you can double your music or video content. Now hopefully we will see a price drop across all the players

The 8GB and 4GB Zune devices both come in four colors – Black, Red, Pink and Green.

Zune coming to Canada…(with a little less)

A Microsoft Press release has shed some details on the Spring 2008 Canadian Launch.  Filled with non-American spellings of words like “color” and “favorite,” the article spells out the good and (yes) the not-so-good of what’s to be expected.  Here’s a hint:  America’s northern Neighbor will have to wait for something else!


The Zune Market Place will be arriving later than  the Zune(not at initial launch).

Hmmmm…. guess you will have to wait some more!

Press release 

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