CES 2008 | Gizmodo | TV-B gone!

I’m not sure whether I should post this or not….

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CES 2008 | Nyko | Wireless Wii Nunchuk

Nyko’s Wireless Nunchuck for the Wii. The annoying wire between my Wii controller is going to be history!

Sorry I got a little late with this.

CES 2008 | 3DV | ZCam

The ZCam is combination of hardware and software from 3DV Systems. It’ll allow you to control the windows on your desktop, simply by moving your fingers

The Prototype uses USB 2.0 and up to 60fps, and with its 3D recognition technology, the user can bring elements back and forth, and more importantly, play videogames.

Think Eyetoy, but more advanced – this camera can actually measure depth, allowing you to punch properly in boxing games, among others. Expected at the end of the year this could be a good competitor to the Wii.

Video after the break:

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CES 2008 | Slacker | Slacker Portable

Jan 31st on the Market.

CES 2008 | Microsoft | Origami Experience 2.0

First the link

Now the Pictures:

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Go! Yahoo Go!


Yahoo! Go

The new Yahoo Go 3.0 is a free downloadable application compatible with about 30 different handsets so far. (The company says that dozens more are on the way.) A “start page” allows Yahoo users to access a number of the company’s applications, like Yahoo Mail and Flickr, as well as the requisite news-and-weather mobile features.

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Thats a lot of CES news to cover.

So thats why I am only going to blog about the “best” CES things.

And BTW Bill Gates Left…

I wasted all my time talking about how much of a Nerd he was but never knew he was such a good man…:'(