XBOX 360 price cut in Europe

European Xbox 360 price cuts are now the real deal. The 360 Arcade is now just €199.99 / £159.99, while the Premium drops €80 / £50 to €269.99 / £199.99 and the Elite comes down €80 / £40 to €369.99 / £259.99.

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MS dropping 20GB for 60GB

TrustedReviews is now reporting that the 20GB hard drive in the standard Xbox 360 model is about to get the boot in favor of a more spacious 60GB one. That apparently comes from a “rock solid source,” who says that they (Microsoft)want  it out the door by the end of its financial year, which comes at the end of June.

Also they go into a bit of speculation, saying that Microsoft is going to make” a model with a built-in Blu-ray drive would seem to be “the most logical conclusion,” although they say an external drive “makes sense too.” While that possibility obviously remains up in the air, TrustedReviews is about as confident as can be with the 60GB Xbox 360 news, saying that you can take it to the bank.

Look out people here comes the XBOX 720!

Beta out 5GB in.

Microsoft has removed the beta from Windows Live Sky Drive and pumped it up to 5GB from the earlier 1GB.

This is good for people like me. But for some reason Sky Drive… is not meant for me.

A brief history

On its launch, Windows Live Folders (as it was then) was provided as a limited managed beta and available only to a few testers in the United States. On August 1, 2007, the service was expanded to a wider audience. Shortly after on August 9, 2007 Windows Live Folders was renamed Windows Live SkyDrive and the participation was expanded to testers in the United Kingdom and India. On February 21, 2008, Windows Live SkyDrive is officially out be beta testing stage and released to 38 countries and regions.


Games for Zune!

  • For starters, first-gen Zunes don’t appear to be ruled out by any means, but it’s going to be dependent on the game controls. Zauri, the sample space shooter game demoed today, uses the Zunepad, thus wouldn’t work (as well) on a Zune 30. Nothing has been decided as to whether games will universally require 2nd-gen Zunes, though.
  • Use of the Zunepad in Zauri was as a trackpad and omnidirectional — it wasn’t just up / down / left / right, as in the menus.
  • Right now the system partitions a mere 16MB for storing games, although this might change.
  • Right now there isn’t a professional-grade SDK to announce; all titles should initially be done up in XNA Studio.
  • Means of distribution (i.e. games loaded through an installer, through the Zune desktop app, or through Zune Marketplace?) has not yet been decided.
  • The first beta development tools will be out this Spring.
  • There are no plans for Zune game sharing (yet), so to play with a friend wirelessly you both must have the game on your Zune.

Those were a few details from Engadget.

A good addition to the Zune.

Flickr fans tell Microsoft to forget it!

This is what happens when Microsoft tries to take over not just a company but also a community: a number of Flickr users have launched a group opposing the attempted acquisition.

The Microsoft: Keep Your Evil Grubby Hands Off Our Flickr group has 1,804 members and counting. The photo-sharing site has no shortage of opinionated members, and who knows how many shares they’ll be able to vote in a proxy fight, but it is an interesting development.

“I’m not a Microsoft hater,” said Flickr user Christopher Bosum. “I just don’t like the fact that there might be just another Internet monopolist.”

Obviously you know why they are doing this!



The services:

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