New Wii Controllers?


Browsing through the UK Patent website today I discovered a patent submitted by Nintendo. It contains diagrams outlining different uses of the Wiimote from forming the barrel of a gun, through insertion into a Steering Wheel unit to insertion into a soft toy. It is def worth a read. Here’s an example:

image image

The patent can be found at:


Rockband coming to Wii

EA’s John Riccitiello has confirmed a Wii version of Rock Band is in the works. 🙂

The CEO said, “will, at some time, bring Rock Band to every [important] platform.” For the Wii version, he noted: “I think the Wiimote is something that holds enormous promise.”

The guitar saga is coming….

There is no official announcement from EA but you could take Riccitiello’s word for it;)

Wii Fit this summer!


Wii Fit will be skipping onto European shores in June this year, while America will get the title in April. No price or information about Balance Board adjustments has been released as of yet.

Wii in colors? Oh my…

Hmmmm…. Now why would Target change the name from Wii console to Wii white?

Via GoNintendo:

I work in the Electronics Department at a SuperTarget. Everything in Target has a DPCI number, which is kind of like a sku number. (For example, The number for the Wii is 207-25-0001) When an employee enters this number (either by hand or by scanning a barcode), it will give them the name of the item, price, location in the store, and a number of other details.

Here is what I find interesting: Before Christmas, when an employee would scan the Wii, “Wii Console” would come up as its “title”. However, I noticed that when scanning the Wii barcode, that, instead of “Wii Console”, “Wii White” would come up as the title instead. Attached is a picture of a location print-up which illustrates the “Wii White” title. I find this interesting because what made Target change the title from “Wii Console” to “Wii White”, unless there is another color coming soon. When a Playstation 3 is scanned, it doesn’t say “Playstation 3 40GB Black”, it just says “Playstation 3 40GB”. I’ve found Target to know about many things before they are released, such as having the iPods listed as “Discontinued” a week before the new ones were announced.

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Vii are the champions!

Here comes the Vii! Yay sooooo much fun!

How did I fail to catch this?? Well anyway In a few words… Its Crap.

12 Games of pure fun!

  • Happy Tennis

  • Catch Fish

  • Bowling

  • Alacrity Golf – a minigolf game

  • Table Tennis

  • Smart Dart

  • Fry Egg – a Cooking Mama clone

  • Bird Knight – a Balloon Fight clone

  • Fever Move – a Dance Dance Revolution clone

  • Come On

  • Fantasy Baseball

  • Free Craps


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CES 2008 | Nyko | Wireless Wii Nunchuk

Nyko’s Wireless Nunchuck for the Wii. The annoying wire between my Wii controller is going to be history!

Sorry I got a little late with this.

CES 2008 | 3DV | ZCam

The ZCam is combination of hardware and software from 3DV Systems. It’ll allow you to control the windows on your desktop, simply by moving your fingers

The Prototype uses USB 2.0 and up to 60fps, and with its 3D recognition technology, the user can bring elements back and forth, and more importantly, play videogames.

Think Eyetoy, but more advanced – this camera can actually measure depth, allowing you to punch properly in boxing games, among others. Expected at the end of the year this could be a good competitor to the Wii.

Video after the break:

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