Nokia N96


The Nokia N96 is the newest addition to the NSeries and is the successor to the N95. The phone is meant for watching videos and Mobile TV. It has access to sites like Flickr and Vox where you can easily visit with the 3G capabilities of the phone. It features Wi-Fi(WLAN), Bluetooth and Infrared in addition to the 3G. It features a Full HTML browser and has a 5Megapixel Camera with Dual-LED-Flash. It features the 2 way slider like the one in N95 but with a slimmer form factor. It also has an update to the memory with 16GB of internal memory (an 8GB boost from the original) and also features a micro SD card slot for memory expansion.

Thanks to Aving TV and CNET TV

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2 Responses to “Nokia N96”

  1. BriefTech: Nokia N96 « The Daily Tech Says:

    […] Posted by zcollvee on February 22, 2008 Nokia N96 Video on BriefTech. […]

  2. O-tom Says:

    bad. bad. bad video.
    Sorry man you’ve got the camera problem. Be a little more confident… then you’r off to a good start:)

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