Updated March 9th

doneUpdated with a new theme and colors. I changed the earlier one because I thought it was too dull.

No new features in this one only theme changes.

This theme has flexible width, one feature that I love.


Site Updated

doneIf any of you’ll noticed the site was updated a few moments ago.

Well now its updated with a more flexible theme, it also has a picture representation of the page which can be found in the side bar.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

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iPhone 1.1.4 is out

Its out but there seems to be no new features… It could be an update to pave the way for the SDK! or maybe just some bug fixes. Only time can tell.


New Features of v1.1.4

– Drag & Drop files using Windows Explorer
– New baseband 04.04.05_G
– Faster load time of Photos application / SMS application
– SMS out of order bug has now been fixed
– Safari no lunger dumps webpages when you open up a new page
– Phone loading time is faster overall
– Better reception
– Faster wifi

Thanks to our reader iPhoneHellas.

iTunes 7.6.1 now available!

Yep, iTunes 7.6.1, a 44MB download, and its out for you to download. So go ahead, update your iTunes “again”.