Crazy with Apple Stores

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60 “iStores” will open across India

There’s a huge push in India right now by Reliance Digital to open 60 iStores across the nation’s top twenty cities. The iStores will sell Apple products exclusively, and carry the full line, from consumer products to pro hardware.
Expect to see all sixty stores up and running within the next 18 months. We wonder how the interior design will look, and if it will resemble official Apple Stores.

If you visit one of these stores, please let us know! We’ll be happy to share your photos and stories.

Thanks, Ravi!

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Apple opened a new retail store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — the state’s first — on Thursday. As usual, we asked any TUAW operatives who may have attended to share their reports and/or pictures. Reader frelix was kind enough to share some photos he uploaded to his Flickr account. Thanks! If you visited this store, too, let us know in the comments.
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