Zune games look better than the DS

Yep. I found this:

Our DS’s(DS’es) are meant to play games. The Zune is meant to play music. Then why is the Zune’s games looking better than ours?

Why are these so nice looking? Ok lets push that to a side and look at the iPhone/iPod Touch. Why does it have no games? There should be games when the 3rd party apps come out but no. Surprisingly Apple have not included any game right?

At GDC 2008, Microsoft announced plans on enabling a community publishing pipeline for the Xbox 360 and Zune. Before this XNA wasn’t too popular. Ok so the Zune brand was launched as a mobile entertainment platform rather than a strictly audio platform and will continue to evolve and expand. But still! The DS should have better capabilities than the Zune!

Microsoft confirms Zune will play games by July 2008.

The Zune’s touchpad will hopefully make for a decent controller. Graphically, Zauri, the only game demoed via video, was simple in nature, but the addition of music library support could make for interesting shooter gameplay.


Dōbutsu no Mori (劇場版 どうぶつの森 – “Animal Forest: The Movie”) in English!

Yeah, A chap over at Youtube Subbed the whole Animal Crossing movie so that we here who don’t know English can watch it:) How sweet. Below is the synopsis and after the break the movie:

Animal Crossing movie still 1One day, a young girl called Ai moves into the Animal Village. While working at Tom Nook’s shop “Nook’s Cranny” she begins living her life away from her family. To begin with, she doesn’t know left from right, but under the guidance of Mayor Tortimer, the angry (but correct) Mr. Resetti, and the wandering musician K.K. Slider among others, she is eventually accepted as a member of the village. Along the way she meets Margie, who dreams of being a designer, the straight-talking Rosie, and Whitney the Wolf, who is in love with Apollo. Soon the four of them become good friends.

Animal Crossing movie still 3One spring evening Ai finds a bottle on the beach. She picks it up, opens it and finds a mysterious message written inside. “Plant a Conifer, and on the night of the Snow Festival something miraculous will happen.”

Time passes, and soon it’s time for the Snow Festival. This year it will be one very special day, and send an uproar throughout the village. Ai, following the instructions in that mysterious message, has planted a Conifer. What kind of miracle will happen on the night of the Snow Festival…?

It retains the theme of the video game, in which a villager moves to a town and interacts with the animal villagers. It opened in theaters in Japan on December 16, 2006. Release dates for other countries have not yet been announced. The film earned an estimated 1,800,000,000 yen (approximately $5,000,000) at the box office.

For complete movie on one playlist.Animal Crossing movie still 4Animal Crossing movie still 2

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