iPhone 1.1.4 is out

Its out but there seems to be no new features… It could be an update to pave the way for the SDK! or maybe just some bug fixes. Only time can tell.


New Features of v1.1.4

– Drag & Drop files using Windows Explorer
– New baseband 04.04.05_G
– Faster load time of Photos application / SMS application
– SMS out of order bug has now been fixed
– Safari no lunger dumps webpages when you open up a new page
– Phone loading time is faster overall
– Better reception
– Faster wifi

Thanks to our reader iPhoneHellas.


Shuffles, Books, and Pros now available

Apple store updated:

  • Shuffle gets a gig
  • Books get faster
  • Pro’s get faster(multi-touch)
  • I cant update completely cause i am running a tight schedule.

Apple Store down!

Every Tuesday since Macworld this has been happening.

And its here again. Macbooks on the way?

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iTunes movie rentals for 0.99$!

Along with that 7.6.1 update it brings the feature of 0.99$ movie rentals. Every Thursday iTunes will put a special offer movie for 0.99$ for a week. Once you rent it for the price of 0.99$, you can keep the moive for the standard 30 days/24hours(if you started watching it). A very good way to begin the Rental Business Apple!

Apple TV take 2 released…

Yep the Apple TV take 2 was released….

When I wasn’t here….

Hope to be up and posting by Wednesday. I have some free time on my hands so I am posting….

Apple Event in Feb?


It seems that TUAW has received a tip that the company that does television for Apple’s live events and Macworld is apparently hiring for an unannounced Apple event at the end of February.

Apple TV Patent


Below is a round up:

Apple says such widgets could be displayed or become available based on the content currently displayed in the Apple TV user interface. If the content is broadcasted, such as live television, then a widget could potentially be downloaded as part of the broadcast signal from a cable head-end, or provided through a separate communication such as an Internet connection, and then displayed over the content.
Elaborating further on its Apple TV iChat concept, Apple said widget interface could also include is a list of individuals currently online, as well as other controls, such as links to web sites and other resources that include information that may be of interest to the participants.