Samsung YP-P2 gets a firmware update

1. Touch Games
– Three fun games (PowWow, Bubble Smile, and Jigsaw Puzzle) are provided.
2. FM Radio recording support
– FM broadcast can be recorded as MP3.
3. Repeat A-B
– Select a section of music and play it repeatedly.
4. Play Speed Control
– Control the music play speed.
5. File Deletion support
– Delete files on your P2 without having to connect to a PC.
6. EmoTure 1.5
– EmoTure is further improved with features like horizontal viewing of text.

Those are the features that the P2 Firmware (V3.15) will bring. Go ahead download it now.


PSP Will burn you!

Full Story

A child was burned at Warner Middle School in Farmington Hills when the video game in his pants pocket caught on fire around 9 a.m. on Wednesday

Police said the fire burned a hole in his pants and Harold Clay, 12, suffered minor burns.”He said it wasn’t a gradual heat. It really started heating up. He’s always been taught, burn- fire- smoke, you drop and you roll. So, he was in his band class and he dropped and rolled,” said the victim’s mother Sheila Clay. Ironically, the name of the game that was inside the player was called Burn Out. The Parents say that the PSP was not ON. The Parent’s are contacting Sony on this.

Skype for PSP postponed?


The plans have been disturbed…


Sony’s microphone/speaker units failed to meet Skype certification standards.

CES 2008 | Sony | PSP to get Skype

From Sony

Sony’s CES ’08 Website says that the PSP Will be getting Skype.