PSP Will burn you!

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A child was burned at Warner Middle School in Farmington Hills when the video game in his pants pocket caught on fire around 9 a.m. on Wednesday

Police said the fire burned a hole in his pants and Harold Clay, 12, suffered minor burns.”He said it wasn’t a gradual heat. It really started heating up. He’s always been taught, burn- fire- smoke, you drop and you roll. So, he was in his band class and he dropped and rolled,” said the victim’s mother Sheila Clay. Ironically, the name of the game that was inside the player was called Burn Out. The Parents say that the PSP was not ON. The Parent’s are contacting Sony on this.


One Response to “PSP Will burn you!”

  1. ShadowKoneko Says:

    That only happened because the kid did what was clearly written NOT to do with it, which is using the wrong batteries in it.

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