Flickr fans tell Microsoft to forget it!

This is what happens when Microsoft tries to take over not just a company but also a community: a number of Flickr users have launched a group opposing the attempted acquisition.

The Microsoft: Keep Your Evil Grubby Hands Off Our Flickr group has 1,804 members and counting. The photo-sharing site has no shortage of opinionated members, and who knows how many shares they’ll be able to vote in a proxy fight, but it is an interesting development.

“I’m not a Microsoft hater,” said Flickr user Christopher Bosum. “I just don’t like the fact that there might be just another Internet monopolist.”

Obviously you know why they are doing this!


One Response to “Flickr fans tell Microsoft to forget it!”

  1. BKB Says:

    2020 members isn’t that many of the total number. I don’t see Microsoft as being any worse than Yahoo.

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