iPod classic Firmware update is destroying headphones!

Via [TheStreet]

According to iLounge.com, users are complaining that iPod Classics whose firmware has recently been upgraded to Version 1.1 are sending residual electrical pulses through the headphone jack — as well as the iPod docking connection (on the bottom of every music player) — when the iPods are turned off. Those pulses, measured at 500mv of DC, could conceivably cause damage to any attached equipment.

Stereophile.com is reporting that most users of iPod Classics on both headfi.com (a Web site for a super-high-end headphone amplifier manufacturer) and Apple users forums reported only that they had experienced “hiss,” “static” or “buzzing” after updating the player’s firmware.

A few users reported the upgrade either froze their iPods (Apple replaced their iPods) or the upgrade removed their stored music files.

As always Jobs has no comment on this topic… Whats wrong with you Jobs? People need to listen to music!

The only thing that you could do is “restore” your iPod Classic to its factory state and use it. Which would make Coverflow and interface work super slow(if you bought it near the launch without any updates). Remember I do not own one so I do not know if this would be good enough

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