Cut and Paste on the iPhone

Source from SvenOnTech says they have got the inside word about why there is not C+P on iPhone and not to mention ipt.

Go on inside to feel the wrath of no copy and paste>

What it might be like to have C&P on iPhone.

Here is what the blog said:

Well, I hunted someone down at Macworld to give me the answers and after a long search and pass off after pass off from Apple employee to Apple employee, I finally got an answer. The deal is, Apple is aware of the desire for t

his option and it is working on it in the labs as we speak. The trouble it is having is implementation. How to easily call up a copy or cut option and then the paste action. It’s probable that the zoom bubble (the one that brings up the edit cursor) is the issue as it has removed the obvious tap and hold position from Apple to use for a pop-up menu of some sort.

Text selection is another difficulty to sort out. Certainly, the cursor could be added to the menu selection; however, Apple wants to keep this as simple as possible and that added step would not lend itself to simple.

My source would not give me any details other than to say that it has been working on the solution for some time and that there was no immediate release for it. So at best, we can hope that the interface hurdle will be leaped over very soon.

Kinda fake I have to say, an inside source!

A comment at suggests another way of C+P:

A two finger press-and-hold on a text field (two fingers right next to each other, like the beginning of a pinch zoom in gesture) should bring up the magnify loupe, dragging (with one or both fingers, once the loupe has appeared) should select text, and upon release a context menu should appear with Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete.

A two finger press-and-hold released without selecting any text should bring up another context menu for Paste and Select All.


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