New UI (take 2)

“So you get the idea…” He’s renting the movie, downloading, “it’ll tell me when it’s ready to play. So I hit the play button and it’ll play!” Looks pretty friggin good, even on this absolutely massive screen.

9:48am – Star Trek! I love the old Star Trek movies…” Chuckles. Blades of Glory: “Fun movie — I can read about the movie, see the actors, directors…” shows recommendations based on what others have viewed.

9:47am – “All these features and an entirely new UI.” Demo time! “This is the new UI — one menu, it couldn’t be simpler. Let’s go into movies…” Man, this is a sexy interface, no doubt.

9:46am – “And, of course, play iTunes content. So all of this stuff on the new Apple TV. Let me focus on the HD movies for a minute… the library titles are $2.99 and $3.99 — for just a dollar more rent them in HD, $3.99 and $4.99 — there are over 100 titles available today.


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