it keeps getting better….

iTunes movie rentals launches today, and it’s a free software update for iTunes. Free update for iPods and iPhones in order to support this. Support for the US comes today, but international support comes later this year.
9:43 am ON Jan 15 2008

B. Lam:

9:43 am ON Jan 15 2008

Jason Chen:

Old releases: $2.99. New releases: $3.99.
9:42 am ON Jan 15 2008

B. Lam:

1000 films by February, and movies will be available 30 days after the DVD release. You can watch them anywhere: Macs, PCs, iPods and iPhone. You can watch instantly, meaning streaming. You’ll have 30 days to “start” watching it, and then 24 hours to “finish” watching it once you’ve started to watch it. You can watch the first half on your computer, transfer the movie to your iPod, then watch the rest of the movie on the airplane. Here’s the cost.

“Here’s how it works — I’m on iTunes, looking at a movie I want to rent, I hit rent movie, and it adds to my rented movies category in my iTunes library….” Sorry for the technical difficulties everyone! We’re at 10x the traffic of our last keynote, but things are coming back online.

9:41am – “Watch instantly! In less than 30s…” it streams. “The rules — you have 30 days to start watching it, and once you start you have 24 hours to watch and finish it. As many times as you want. You can transfer films to another device in the middle — transfer to your iPod and watch the rest on the iPod on your flight.”

“What’s it going to cost? To rent a library title will cost $2.99 — new release? $3.99” Big applause.

9:40am – “Now, so what’s the deal? We’re gonna launch with 1k films by the end of February — 30 days after DVD release. Watch anywhere, PCs, Macs, iPods, iPhone…”


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