I can’t think of anymore titles….

“They pick up beacons, triangulate the beacons, and tell you where you are — and Google is doing the same thing triangulating cell towers — we’re using both of them, and it works pretty doggone well. We have this new add to home screen button… add our apps right to the home screen.”

Demoing lyrics, chapters, languages, all the new multimedia features on the iPhone. “All of this is vailable today as a free software update for every iPhone.” Big applause. v1.1.3!

9:31am – “I can create up to 9 home screens, and I can move between them with the flick of my finger. So how do we do some of this stuff? Let’s take maps… how do we do that? Well, we’re working with two companies. Google, and Skyhook wireless — we’ve driven the US and Canada and mapped WiFi hotspots, they have 23m hotspots in their database.”

9:30am – I want to customize my home screen — I can touch any icon for a couple seconds, and they start to shake!” Chuckles. “They start to get restless!” Icons move around, new pages, dots on the bottom just like the Summerboard hack.

9:29am – The list shows an icon to the group — “It’s pretty nice. So that’s sending SMSs to multiple people. Webclips! I’m gonna go to Google because they have really cool apps that work with the iPhone — now I have a plus button and I can just push this and I can just hit add to home screen.”

9:28am – “We love working with Google. So… I want to SMS more than one person at once!” Let’s bring up a new message here. I want to send it to Phil and Scott, maybe Tim…” they’re all coming up, just like an email to multiple people. Friggin finally. Still no sign of MMS, though.


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