What will happen when Gizmodo is banned from CES?


I copied this from winandmac.com cause I didn’t actually understand anything…

Gizmodo, one of the popular tech blogs, is now banned from CES in the future. This happens to Canada’s internet show host Matt Chin and Jason Agnew. They hosted a show called “The Conventioneers” which always makes fun (or pranks, may be) in conventions. They are banned from Anime North 2007 because Matt and Jay made fun with cosplayers. Matt and Jay still went to Anime North 2007 and taped this video. The hosts didn’t able to go inside Anime North 2007 and controlled by securities. The show is completely screwed.

Imagine what will happen to Gizmodo in next year. Being the popular tech blogs, CES is one of the important shows of the year. Gizmodo’s CES coverage got heavily dugg and gained lots of page views. If Gizmodo is banned, there may not be good coverage of CES. Although Gizmodo can source other sites’ CES coverage, but it will not be as good as they do it by themselves.

“The Conventioneers” have the choice not to have coverage of Anime North, but Gizmodo cannot ignore CES because it is vital to tech blogs. Lack of CES coverage will make Gizmodo losses traffics. Since Gimzodo is so popular, the long term effect is minimal. Luckily Gizmodo can still go to other conventions, hope Brian and other staff learn from this lesson. Doing stupid prank and put it online is like a jackass. You guys are professional bloggers, aren’t you?


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