Vii are the champions!

Here comes the Vii! Yay sooooo much fun!

How did I fail to catch this?? Well anyway In a few words… Its Crap.

12 Games of pure fun!

  • Happy Tennis

  • Catch Fish

  • Bowling

  • Alacrity Golf – a minigolf game

  • Table Tennis

  • Smart Dart

  • Fry Egg – a Cooking Mama clone

  • Bird Knight – a Balloon Fight clone

  • Fever Move – a Dance Dance Revolution clone

  • Come On

  • Fantasy Baseball

  • Free Craps


The Vii is a video game console released in China that is similar in appearance and function to Nintendo’s Wii .According to Engadget China, the console sells for 1,280 yuan. This is about 170 US Dollars, 119 Euros or 83 British Pounds.

The Vii’s controller is similar in design to the Wii Remote but is smaller in size. It features motion detection but not the pointing capability of the Wii Remote. The Vii remotes will also come in different colors. The console itself is, or will be, also available in the colors white, pink and light blue.[Via Wikipedia]

Vii 2 hardware manual

Oh ya there is a second one^^A redesign of the console, named the Vii 2 features remodeled controllers and a console design reminiscent of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the PlayStation 3, as well as support for both NTSC and PAL televisions.

So go ahead Fry some eggs and play happy tennis and cool down with bird knight and smart darts. Oh wait!!!  When your friends are over play free craps with them. And when your sick and feeling low, play FEVER move. So much fun! Thank you Chintendo! Take that Nintendo, you’ll are no longer #1! [Sarcasm]

More here

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8 Responses to “Vii are the champions!”

  1. La porte Says:

    Wow c’est vraiment drôle.
    Je dois en acheter un!
    Bon poste zcollvee

  2. Safary Malaala Says:

    I might get this. The Wii is still unavailable!

  3. Anthony Peter Rogers Says:

    Yeah the wii is unavailalbe but assuming that this has inbuilt games and no disk drive its not worth it

  4. Chintendo Says:


  5. Chintendo Says:

    Lol acting as Chintendo is fun!

  6. he-man 101 Says:

    I dunno but I like the fact that it comes in colours

  7. defineme Says:

    This is definetely competition!
    Vii FTW!

  8. Calono Defarge Says:

    Why does not nintendo fight chitendo?!?

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