Tips+(Top5+10): How to get page views on your blog.


Are you one of those sufferers?
A blog that never gets mentioned?
Low Page views?
Come here and find out what you are doing wrong.

I remember when my blog first started….

0 Page views and no one ever came to the site.

So here you go another (Top5+10)+Tips

15 tips to promote your site

If you don’t understand the brackets and pluses and stuff it basically means Top15 and Tips together

  1. Make Some exclusive articles. I created a few exclusive articles like Windows Tips, Personalize Firefox, Top5 FB Apps, The Test: Adblock Plus, The Test: Safari for Windows, Google uses Playstation for wii, iPhone Facebook app review, K510i Washed, Mobile Games. Get it?
  2. Link up the universe! Link yourself to other blogs or websites. Like ag_michael and Origami Experience 2.0(which gave me a pingback on the main article.
  3. Make it look lovely. Your site must be eye catching. Give your posts fun names!
  4. Submit to Social Marker. This will give you much needed page views from sites like digg, redit, spurl and propeller in a few clicks. Wait! Make sure you only submit original content to those sites! This website(link) got banned from Digg because he used to copy other news from other websites and submits it to digg. Ok, ok fine it was me. But make sure you only submit original content
  5. Comment on other blogs
  6. Advertise through Youtube, or at least make some videos and link them to your site
  7. Get some friends!
  8. Edit and make sure its perfect before going up there
  9. Use pictures. If you don’t have original pictures get them from other sites. Please be polite and don’t use up their bandwidth. Use this to upload the picture and use. Especially if you’ve got alot of stuff from their site….(a few is ok)
  10. Constantly write and never give up! Few page views? Feel like stopping? Don’t stop! There is that one person(or maybe two) who reads you blogs. If you suddenly stop then that person will lose interest in your blogs. If you miss a day, give reasons.
  11. Put a link in your forum signature. Yeah thats another way of getting traffic
  12. Be Legal. Never “steal any posts and if you do make sure you completely, completely, completely, completely link it back
  13. Don’t Over advertise. That could get you into trouble.
  14. Tell your friends to visit.
  15. Advertise on a promotion website. I must try doing this one day

Ok, so thats it! Hope you enjoyed this post and do well in your blogging future!

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3 Responses to “Tips+(Top5+10): How to get page views on your blog.”

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  2. Safary Malaala Says:

    Wow thats a good writeup dude

  3. Calono Defarge Says:

    Wow sooooo true…

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