Apple Releases Xserve and Mac Pro

Finally! Its here the new announcements!

The Start page has been updated and the Apple Store is back on its feet

Announcements after the break!

Mac Pro

The new 8-core standard.

The new 8-core standard.

It was once only top-of-the-line processing power. Now it’s at the heart of the new Mac Pro. Learn more

8-core processor

The fastest Mac ever.

Up to 2x faster than the previous Mac Pro, with new Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors up to 3.2GHz. Learn more


Graphics. The next generation.

Introducing all-new, high-end, blow-you-away graphics.
Learn more


Unequaled expansion.

Designed for even higher capacity, more flexibility, and endless possibilities.

Learn more


Blazingly fast architecture. Now even more blazing.

Xserve features a fast 1600MHz system bus and 800MHz memory, resulting in higher memory bandwidth and more fuel for the fire.

Learn more


Power to build on.

Xserve provides up to 8-core processing power, 3TB of internal storage, 32GB of 800MHz memory, and endless possibilities.

Learn more


Advanced technology. Simple software.

UNIX 03 compliance, cross-platform capabilities, and no client-access licenses make Leopard Server a rock-solid network foundation.

Learn more

Turbocharged performance.
The new Xserve memory bandwidth, storage, and application performance is up to two times faster than before. Learn more

  • Memory Massive memory bandwidth.
    Up to 60 percent faster than the previous Xserve.
  • Storage Outstanding storage.
    Superior throughput and access times.
  • CPU 8-core processing power.
    Up to 2x faster than the previous quad-core Xserve performance.

Wow! Those features are awesome!

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