Windows Live Web Messenger

This is one Windows live service that I am looking forward to!

WLWM Some Features:

  1. Have lots of different conversations at the same time.
  2. You can also connect with your Yahoo! IM contacts.
  3. Your Messenger contacts are already here.
  4. Easily change your display name or personal message.

Very nifty if you don’t have access to messenger. And plus it includes tabbed chat which is not on WLM 8.5 or on the Beta of WLM9 so could that mean the next beta of WLM could have…. It does not look nice for a web  messenger to have more features than the desktop version;-)


5 Responses to “Windows Live Web Messenger”

  1. 4t4 Says:

    released sooon official

  2. Ghek Says:

    hey, when i try to log in, in Windows Live Web Messenger( i put my Address and my Password But then a white page comes up and it says Forbidden. Plzzzzzzzzzzz Help!

  3. zcollvee Says:

    Sorry dude its currently in private beta testing…

  4. MSN Web Messenger Says:

    help me to now more about this things

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