Top5: FB Apps

Phew…. Got time on my hands…


Whats on everybody’s mind? Facebook! And whats so cool about facebook? Applications written in the FBML!

So we count down my Top 5 Apps

Here we go!



Yep regular poking is boring…. use super poke do anything to your friends!


Top friends (once again by Slide).

Rank your friends!


Friends for sale!

Buy and keep your friends as pets!


Compare friends!

Who is more studious or lucky?


Circle of Trust

How much do you trust “Mr…..”


Define Me!

Yep define your friends!


I really like this one, It deserves a spot! So we’ll make the above 4.5 and this one 5.


Fun wall! (another slide innovation!)

This cool app lets you post anything on your friends wall!

K, thats a round up of this week, Check back next week for MORE Top5!


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