Macenstein claims GearLive firmware 1.1.3 fake.


Here are a few things I agree on:

  1. Everyone knows Apple’s legal department doesn’t sleep, much less have families or take vacations. Just because Gear Live’s very convincing video of the iPhone’s 1.1.3 firmware happened to come out on a week many big-wigs take off doesn’t mean Apple would let something that major slide.
  2. Steve would have loved to have showcased the latest features on stage in front of row upon row of the Mac faithful.
  3. But Apple does indeed have a history of going after legitimate leaked images and video of important upcoming products and software. Take this year’s leaked pics of the new nano from 9to5Mac or the videos of the new iPod and iPod nano’s interfaces on MacRumors. Both sites were contacted by Apple legal and “asked” to take the offending pics/videos down immediately within hours.
  4. (although the “crash” seemed a little staged to me, kind of like they were trying to show they had authentic beta software)
  5. Additionally, I can’t imagine how they would have gotten access to the firmware, as it isn’t the type of thing Apple needs to seed to non-Apple employees to beta test, and any Apple employee privy to the build likely has a pretty sweet job not worth risking.

Go check it out at Macenstein.


One Response to “Macenstein claims GearLive firmware 1.1.3 fake.”

  1. iPhone Hellas Says:

    Hmmm… Those were nice observations…

    But the video seemed so real!

    Plus, I can’t believe that a website would ruin it’s reputation and credibility over a 3-4 days glory.

    If this is indeed fake, Gear Live will be erased from the map 🙂

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