MacWorld 2008

So MacWorld is around the corner and I am not going there. Anyone going there?
Please give me a link to your blog so I could link it here or something like twitter.
09:00 on Tuesday 15th January 2008
Thanks a ton so now lets get on with Predictions of 2008!

1.iPhone SDK

The SDK for the iPhone should have been here a while ago. There are already native apps for the iPhone and they are quite good. Steve Jobs is probably going to have some “demo” apps and stuff like that.

2.Apple TV 2nd Gen

You’ve got to face it the Apple TV sucks. So what could we expect in the 2nd Gen?

  1. 200GB apple TV
  2. The ability to buy Songs and content on the TV itself

3.iTunes will get Movie Rentals

iTunes may get a new type of interface and definite movie rentals.

4.iPhone firmware 1.1.3

The whole weekend has been extremely convincing with the firmware 1.1.3 leaked images and videos. So Steve Jobs may announce it officially.

5.Mac Mini replacement

Sure Mac Nano anyone? Mac Mini is another one of those “sucky’ apple products.

6.MacBook Updates


7.iPhone 3G

Europe needs it…. And soon we shall to.

Besides DoCoMo I read somewhere was a “3G only” network.

So do you like my predictions or not?

Just remember they are just predictions don’t get your hopes to high!



2 Responses to “MacWorld 2008”

  1. charles trippy Says:

    im going to get an iphone – maybe ill wait until the the 18th is within the 14 day return policy for apple 🙂

  2. Calono Defarge Says:

    What came true…
    Phone SDK
    Apple TV 2
    iTunes movie rentals
    Macbook updates

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